Alltech Innovation Competition

Innovation is at the heart of creation and change. This drives Alltech’s passion for diverse business interests, its global team, research, and developing new solutions. This is the essence of the Alltech Innovation Competition.

2015 Alltech Career Development Group

About the Competition

The Alltech Innovation Competition started in 2013 in Kentucky and Ireland, and challenges undergraduate and graduate university teams to develop forward-thinking business plans on innovative ideas in animal nutrition, crop science, food, and brewing and distilling that will improve local economies. This competition, now annual, celebrates entrepreneurship and the impact of cross-functional teamwork on business development.

Winning ventures are awarded with a potential prize package of $10,000*. This is the same amount with which Dr. Pearse Lyons founded Alltech, now an almost $2 billion company.

Meet the Winners!

Alltech Innovation Competition Ireland Alltech Innovation Competition Kentucky Alltech Innovation Competition India
2013 University of Limerick 2013 University of Kentucky -
2014 Waterford Institute of Technology 2014 University of Louisville -
2015 University College Dublin 2015 Kentucky State University (undergraduate)
University of Pikeville (graduate)
Institute of Rural Management Anand
    2016  Morehead State University
(undergraduate category) and
University of Louisville (graduate category)

*The award figure is allocated in accordance with local competition specifications.

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