Meet Our 2017 Trainees!

These 12 young professionals from around the world will complete their Alltech Corporate Career Development Program (CDP) year in mid-February 2018. For the first three months of their yearlong program, they focused on marketing to support ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference 2017 (ONE17). Each person was placed on a different project, ranging from conference branding to social media communications to event planning to customer engagement and more. Meet our trainees!

Abigail Goenner

Born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with degrees in communication technologies and agriculture business. My first internship experience was in human resources at an engineering company, followed by a summer internship in the Midwest selling inoculants and running bunker audits on-farm. I loved being on-farm, where I could meet and learn about problems farmers might be facing and ways I could bring solutions. While in college, I worked on campus as an Alltech Ambassador, where I learned about Alltech’s passion for science, technology and the future of agriculture.

Upon graduation, I applied for the CDP and was thrilled to be accepted. After ONE17, I was placed in the Alltech Feed Division, where I have taken on the role of North America dairy marketing coordinator. Here I am charged with product campaigns, promotions, budgeting and sales support for our dairy business.

As I reflect upon my time in the CDP, I am thankful for Alltech’s international presence, which has allowed me to meet many amazing people from around the world through the CDP, company events and business travels. Agriculture is a global industry, and it’s great to see how Alltech is impacting the world. 

Bram Meersman

Born and raised in Ghent, Belgium, I have always had a passion for agriculture, especially aquaculture. That passion drove me to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees in veterinary sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. I specialized in health, disease management and business related to the pig, poultry and rabbit industries. To expand my knowledge in aquaculture, I pursued an additional Master of Science in aquatic veterinary sciences from the University of Stirling in Scotland in 2016.

Being part of Alltech’s CDP taught me to work in a high-paced and highly innovative environment. The program kicked off with two weeks of intense business and international/intercultural relations training in Kentucky before our marketing focus for ONE17 got started. During the months following the conference, I worked on several international projects with Coppens International (the Netherlands) and PharmBarn (Canada), both new companies in the Alltech family.

The CDP is a very interesting experience that has taught me important lessons for my professional career and personal life. The global aspect, the opportunities to gain international experience on projects, global traveling and the strong team atmosphere at Alltech make me look back upon this great experience with gratitude. It was a fantastic start to my career!

Christine Keo

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal and veterinary bioscience from the University of Sydney in Australia in 2016. Working at a global company in animal nutrition and traveling internationally were the least of my expectations for 2017!

Once we arrived in Lexington, Kentucky, we hit the ground running with orientation and training with experts in the field. This set the foundation for us to train in the marketing department in preparation for ONE17.

For the rest of the CDP year, I joined the Alltech® Mineral Management team in Bangkok, Thailand. This offered me complete cultural immersion and the opportunity to study and learn the Thai language, all supported by Alltech.

The CDP is a rare opportunity for graduates to live and breathe Alltech by gaining international experience and putting ideas into action. This year has been life-changing thanks to the people behind the program. I strongly encourage everyone to apply!

Elena Prisich

Before joining the CDP, I received a master’s degree in finance from Peking University in China and double bachelor’s degrees in international economics and trade/regional studies from Lanzhou University in China and the Rostov State University of Economics in Russia. After graduation, I was looking for an opportunity to develop professionally, and I found it at Alltech.

Alltech actively supports young people. Before ONE17, together with the other CDPers, I helped with preparations for the Alltech Innovation Competition, the Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition and other events.

Currently, I work in Alltech China with the finance team. Most of my responsibilities are related to analyzing the performance of Alltech’s beverage division in China. It is a very rewarding role, and I really enjoy the experience. What I really appreciate about Alltech and the CDP is that this is an excellent platform to develop a person’s potential, meet wonderful people and gain massive support from colleagues around the world. 

Evgenia Ivantsova

Originally from Russia, I received my bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and project management from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow. Afterward, I worked as a junior human resources manager at the BBDO Group, an advertising agency. After two years, I moved to Finland to pursue a master’s degree in the field of information and knowledge management at Åbo Akademi University in Turku. My final project was international research with an aim to analyze and explore intergenerational knowledge sharing with a focus on virtual communication and trust building within cyberspace.

After completing my master’s degree, I was extremely lucky to be chosen as a member of the CDP. Upon arriving in Kentucky, my CDP colleagues and I had an intensive orientation week to get to know Alltech and its core business. We also met representatives from many different departments at the company. Everything we learned reinforced that we had made the right decision by joining this amazing company.

Right now, I am working with the Alltech Life Sciences team at our global headquarters in Nicholasville, Kentucky. I am very happy about this, as I learn a lot daily and work side by side with great professionals. I coordinate diverse and dynamic projects with a goal to develop the human side of Alltech’s business.

Being part of Alltech is an amazing experience that makes you feel passion, have fun, challenge yourself and enjoy every moment of your work.

Guilherme Oliveira

Since my arrival in Kentucky, I have been amazed by our headquarters’ structure. The company has easily exceeded all of my expectations, and Alltech's company culture is indeed reflected by its employees. There are so many creative and motivated thinkers in Kentucky and around the world!

As an electrical engineer, working with the social media team to support ONE17 was totally out of my comfort zone, and this was an amazing experience! This helped me to understand the relevance of communications and how to connect with people based in many different locations. I gained a broader understanding of Alltech as a whole: its products, customers, markets and more.

After the conference, my fellow engineer Nathan and I started our training with the operations and engineering departments. With a focus on the production side of our business, we have been learning each step of industrial processes, supply chain topology, maintenance procedures and much more. I have had the opportunity to visit nine production facilities, from California to North Carolina.

In addition to all of this excitement, I got married! The entire program has been a remarkable experience.

Lara van der Heiden

I received my bachelor’s degree in animal science, with double minors in business and biology, from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. I worked in many campus groups, including as treasurer of the Future Farmers of America, and I had the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands. I grew up in Central Kentucky on a horse farm and learned about Alltech during my equestrian show jumping days.

After ONE17, I worked with KEENAN and traveled throughout North America meeting with dairy producers. This experience provided me with valuable insights into our customer base.

Currently, I am based at headquarters with the global supply chain team. In addition to working with Ridley Feed Ingredients facilities as a commodity buyer, I have been assigned key projects that allow me to interact with colleagues from different departments and offices around the world. I have learned many aspects of the operations required to keep a global company efficient.

The CDP has been an incredible experience and opportunity. I am so fortunate to have had the best mentors and resources to succeed, whether it was while working in marketing, with KEENAN or in my current position on the supply chain team. Alltech truly is an exciting, innovative and evolving company!

Madeleine Stanley

Inspired by my upbringing on my family’s pistachio farm in Northern California, I received my bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. My interest in marketing and foreign relations also led me to study supply chain management in Shanghai, China, and international business/Spanish in Alicante, Spain. Early in my career, I worked for a variety of organizations in California, leading tasks ranging from project management to brand development. After hearing about the hands-on experience gained in the CDP, I crossed my fingers and applied!

Learning effective time management during conference activities was crucial and was very helpful once I reached my full-time position as a marketing coordinator for Alltech Crop Science in California. In California, my daily activities range from creating product promotions to collecting data in the field. Learning from my colleagues around the world has pushed me to embrace innovation and utilize a forward-thinking mindset. A huge thank you to the Alltech family for this incredible year!

Nathan Silva

Upon arriving in Kentucky, my colleagues and I started an intensive orientation to learn about Alltech’s values and core business. The experience with ONE17 gave me the chance to work with brilliant people from different backgrounds and cultures and helped me to improve communication skills and gain a greater understanding of the company.

After the conference, I worked with the operations team and learned a lot about Alltech’s unique production technologies and fast-paced growth environment. Since then, I have been working in the United States with the engineering team on a variety of local and global projects, ranging from operational efficiency improvements to the development of new process designs.

The CDP is incredible! The program has given me the opportunity to fine-tune my soft and hard skills on a daily basis, expand my knowledge and build strong professional networks around the world. More than anything else, I am proud to be part of an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated family committed to having a positive impact on agriculture and the future of the world.

Theo Reisz-Gervis

Having spent my school years in London, England, I moved to Hull (a small city in the northeast of England), where I studied Spanish and management between 2012 and 2016 at the University of Hull. During my courses, I spent a year studying at the Umiversidas Iberoamericana in Puebla, Mexico, where I developed a passion for food and agriculture. The profound link between culture and the industry both excited and intrigued me. Alltech has been the perfect place to explore this link professionally.

I was lucky enough to spend my time at ONE17 working with the digital marketing and communications team. The experience was incredibly rewarding and provided an opportunity to be creative and implement ideas that were shared with a wide and passionate audience.

I have continued to work with the digital marketing team, focusing on email marketing, social media and Latin American digital marketing coordination. This role has given me the unique opportunity to work with Alltech colleagues from all over the world. I cannot wait to continue in this role and keep learning!

Victor Amelang

My year in the CDP kicked off with two weeks of training involving MBA-style case discussions, an immersive education in Alltech’s different markets and an overview of our many departments. After completion, my fellow CDP members and I spent the next three months training for our placements while working with the marketing team to promote ONE17. As a University of Kentucky graduate, I was assigned to work with the Lexington activation team and coordinated historical attendee data to help the team drive, and ultimately exceed, stretch goal attendance targets.

Afterward, I was placed with KEENAN, a company acquired by Alltech in 2016 and an industry leader in cutting-edge agricultural machinery. I work with our engineering, service, InTouch communications and sales teams to develop and establish KEENAN in the United States. Specifically, I work with the development of our service and parts network, InTouch infrastructure and product innovation/development. Working in this arena has been a dynamic and fast-paced learning experience, requiring travel both domestically and abroad. This opportunity has developed my ability to change and adapt to Alltech’s evolving business.

Xiaonan Yin

Originally from China, I graduated from China Agricultural University with a master’s degree in poultry nutrition as well as an undergraduate degree in animal science. While pursuing the master’s degree, I went to Oklahoma State University in the United States for nine months as a visiting student. I learned about Alltech and immediately knew I wanted to work for this company. I was so lucky to join the CDP.

The program’s first two weeks of intensive training provided professional guidance, which helped us gain a better understanding of Alltech and the overall business. Alltech is not only a company; Alltech is our family. The memories from the first three months of the program are unforgettable.

I am currently working in poultry technical support at Alltech China. The job combines my passion and the company’s needs. It is challenging and fun. If you want to stay curious and would like to explore your talents and the agriculture industry, take the plunge and apply!